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Dr. Robert Delaney, DDS
1121 South Higgins Avenue
Missoula, MT 59801
PHONE: (406) 549-8890

Meet Our Missoula Dental Team :

Dr. Robert M Delaney (For Bio and Curriculum Vitae Click Here)



I have worked as a dental hygienist for Dr. Delaney since 2008. I enjoy the broad variety of patients we serve. Patients and their stories are what makes my job fun. Dr. Delaney has a very generous spirit with his staff and patients. I admire the fact that he will work through his lunch break or after 5 to help patients out if the need arises. I have really enjoyed working in our office because of the friendly atmosphere and I love having a boss that treats his staff like family.



I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Delaney since 2005 and am currently his dental hygienist on Fridays. I have always enjoyed the fact that Dr. Delaney promotes a relaxed atmosphere for both the patients and the staff while still managing to be very professional. I also admire that Dr. Delaney refuses to quit learning and strives to stay current on new trends in dentistry. His goal is to always provide optimal care to patients. I love ending my work week with Dr. Delaney, his staff and patients...they are GREAT!



I have been practicing Dental Hygiene for 16 years and have been with Bob for 10 years!I have enjoyed every minute of my profession. My time with Bob has been one of the greatest experiences in my career. Our office is committed to taking the best care possible of our patients. I get great satisfaction in seeing my patients get to optimal hygiene status. Seeing a patient go from poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease, to taking great care of their teeth and being disease free, makes my job so rewarding. Our office is a team and we work together to take care of all of our patients!



I have worked as a dental assistant and receptionist for 20 years in the Flathead and Missoula areas. I have lived in Florence for 15 years. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 23 years and have three children: Lacie, Austin and Danielle. I love working in the dental field and I enjoy both the work and the people!


I have enjoyed working for Dr. Delaney since 2008. I love to see how happy the patients are when they have completed their dental work and I enjoy the interaction with both them and our staff. Dr. Delaney is passionate about providing excellent care to all of his patients.



I have enjoyed being a part of Dr Delaney's team since 2004. Dr. Delaney has created a warm and comfortable environment to work in by treating all of his staff like family and providing a safe and pleasant workspace. As a dental assistant, I enjoy the opportunity to help educate our patients about good oral health and maintenance. My passion in the field comes from seeing our patients' smiles improve and how it changes their lives; particularly the confidence to smile again! I think I can speak for the entire staff in that we enjoy forming relationships with our patients and seeing them every day!



Shelby began working for us as a sophomore in high school and is currently 22 and completing her studies in dental hygiene in Minnesota. We plan to welcome her back to our team next spring. In the meantime she has been entering and balancing our accounts payable via the internet. She is, as are all her co-workers, a tremendous asset to this practice!


I enjoy my decision to work in dentistry greatly, as it has given me the opportunity to challenge myself daily and learn something new every time I enter the office. It is a wonderful reward to give patients the gift of a smile, which is one of the biggest self esteem boosters for both the patient and myself. Dr. Delaney and staff have definitely become a second family to me, and this has been a great privilege.


I joined Dr Delaney's team last year as a clinical assistant. I hope one day to attend dental school and earn a D.D.S. degree. I thoroughly appreciate working alongside such a dedicated clinician with such a warm and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Delaney's extensive experience in the field of dentistry has provided me an excellent opportunity to learn what the dental profession is truly about. I look forward to pursuing my career in dentistry and am so grateful to learn under Dr. Delaney's expertise. I enjoy the challenges that the dental profession provides and even more, enjoy seeing the results in the smiles of our patients.

Dr. Robert Delaney

Dr. Robert Delaney was born and raised in Chicago. He grew up ninth in a family of twelve children, eleven of whom graduated college. Bob earned three degrees at the University of Illinois, including his DDS. He practiced dentistry at four Chicago locations, including the inner city. The inner city experience allowed him to develop certain attributes, such as devoting a portion of his practice to treating the poor and underserved, and he has never regretted the time spent there.

Always intending to move to a western state, Dr. Delaney and his wife visited Missoula on their honeymoon. The couple returned several times, eventually meeting a Missoula dentist who was in need of an associate. Within two years, Bob took ownership of the family dental practice near the University of Montana.

After several years in Missoula, Bob began his post graduate education in dentistry by traveling frequently to The L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. He continued his training there over a period of three years before meeting Dr Frank Spear, and joining the Montana Study Group. Dr Spear is one of the top clinical educators in dentistry to this day. The members of the group were privileged to diagnose and accomplish many complex implant, cosmetic, and reconstructive cases under Dr. Spear’s guidance.

While a member of that group, Bob concurrently received advanced training in endodontics (root canal therapy) in a study group run by another Missoula dentist: Endodontic specialist Dr Ed McGreevey ran an excellent teaching program which trained dentists in advanced treatment techniques to dramatically increase the success rate of saving teeth with root canal therapy.

Bob has also volunteered as a surgeon at Missoula’s Partnership Health Center, working alongside a very experienced and skilled Missoula dentist, Dr. Gary Peterson. Dr Delaney credits Gary for teaching him so many important oral surgical techniques. Patricia and Bob enjoy the many recreational opportunities including downhill skiing, ice hockey, running, hiking and fishing to name just a few. The office side yard garden is also one of his passions. Along with his staff, he attends multiple dental conferences each year continuing his postgraduate education in a fast changing profession.